‘A Late Quartet’ makes some noise

“A drama set in the world of string quartets from a director making his feature debut may have seemed an unlikely candidate to draw significant attention among the lineup at this year’s Toronto Intl. Film Festival, but Yaron Zilberman’s “A Late Quartet” is a hot ticket, with an ensemble cast to die for.”¬† Read more [..]

“A Late Quartet” in Toronto.

Toronto Festival announces a special screening of “A Late Quartet” starring Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener, Philip Seymor Hoffman and Mark Ivanir, Directed by Yaron Zilberman.

Read about it here.

A Late Quartet

“The Fourth State” theatrical trailer

The Theatrical Trailer for: “The Fourth State”, Director: Dennis Gansel. Starring: Moritz Bleibtreau, Rade Serbetzija, Kasja Smutniak.

Click here to view the trailer

“Mark Ivanir has replaced Jeremy Northam…”

From Variety – “Mark Ivanir has replaced Jeremy Northam in indie drama “A Late Quartet.” To read the article on Variety Click here.

“Toronto Tribune” review”

Toronto Tribune” review: …Mark ivanir turns a stellar performance as the HR Manager… Read it here

“The Hollywood Reporter” review

“The Hollywood Reporter” review on “The HR Manager”: …Mark Ivanir plays the title role… finds riches in the character, that help illuminate a thoughtful and well crafted tale. Read it Here

“New York Examiner”, review of Holly Rollers

The “New York Examiners review of Holly Rollers: …Mendel Gold, played with an authentic devout intensity by Mark Ivanir…

“Variety” magazine review on “Holy rollers”

January 26, 2010 – From the “Variety” magazine review on “Holy rollers”: …Sam (Jesse Eisenberg) is being set by his father Mendel (a fine Mark Ivanir) for a solid future… Click here for the review.

…”astonishing performance from Mark Ivanir”…

From “The Sundance Twentieth” review: …and let’s not forget the astonishing performance from Mark Ivanir, who plays Sam’s father, Mendel Gold. I won’t be surprised if we see more of him on the silver screen in the near future…Click here for the articlel.

“What Just Happened” Theatrical release

Theatrical release of “What Just Happened”. Directed by: Barry Levinson. Starring: Robert Deniro, San Penn, John Turturro, Bruce Willis, Catherine Keener, Robin Wright Penn, Michael Winkott and Stanley Tucci.

“what Just Happened” trailer

October 10, 2008 – Mark is in the trailer for “What Just Happened“. Don’t blink…