“The Human Resources Manager” in the USA

“The Human Resources Manager” is released in the USA.

“Mark Ivanir has replaced Jeremy Northam…”

From Variety – “Mark Ivanir has replaced Jeremy Northam in indie drama “A Late Quartet.” To read the article on Variety Click here.

In New York, rehearsing on “A Late Quartet”

Mark is in New York, rehearsing the part of “Daniel Lerner” on “A Late Quartet”, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Christopher Walken, directed by Yaron Zilberman.

Guest lead in “Nikita”

Shoots a guest lead in “Nikita”.

In Munich shooting “In The Year Of The Dog”

In Munich portraying the Chechen rebel Aslan in “In The Year Of The Dog”, starring Moritz Bleibtreu and Rade Serbedzija.

Playing “Roland Barett” on “fringe”

Plays “Roland Barett” “The Gentelman”, on Fox’s “Fringe.

Working on “Everybody Loves Whales”

Ivanir arrives in Alaska to start working on “Everybody Loves Whales” (starring Drew Barrymore, Kristen Bell, John Krassinsky, Ted Danson).

Ivanir on “Johny English Reborn”

Ivanir finishes a 10 day shoot on “Johny English Reborn”, acting alongside Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), directed by Oliver Parker (The Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Ernest).

“The HR Manager” submitted for The Golden Globs…

The HR Manager wins the Best Picture Award of the Israeli Academy, becomes the Israeli submission for The Golden Globs and the Oscars.

“…Mark Ivanir gives a terrific performance…”

“Indie Wire” review: …Mark Ivanir gives a terrific performance… in a moving, smart, sometimes very funny tragicomedy. Read the article

“Toronto Tribune” review”

Toronto Tribune” review: …Mark ivanir turns a stellar performance as the HR Manager… Read it here

“The HR Manager” in Toronto Film Fest

“The HR Manager” screens in the Toronto Film Festival.

Audience Award in Locarno

“The HR Manager” wins the Audience Award in Locarno.

“The Hollywood Reporter” review

“The Hollywood Reporter” review on “The HR Manager”: …Mark Ivanir plays the title role… finds riches in the character, that help illuminate a thoughtful and well crafted tale. Read it Here

“The HR Manager” premiers

“The HR Manager” premiers at The Locarno Festival.

Mark is nominated in The Leading Actor category

“The HR Manager” is nominated for 8 Israeli Oscars. Mark is nominated in The Leading Actor category.

“New York Examiner”, review of Holly Rollers

The “New York Examiners review of Holly Rollers: …Mendel Gold, played with an authentic devout intensity by Mark Ivanir…

“Holly Rollers” review: …Mark Ivanir is wonderful as papa Gold…

Ghost Leader in a prequel to “Ghost Recon”

In the Czech Republic for a month, playing Ghost Leader in a prequel to “Ghost Recon”, produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Academy Award winners Francois Alaux and Herve De Crecy.

New York Premiere of “Holly Rollers”

New York Premiere of “Holly Rollers”. The film gets a theatrical release through First Independent.

“Undisputed 3” on DVD

“Undisputed 3” is released on DVD, heads the charts.

“Im Angesicht De Verbrechenes” premiers

Dominic Graff’s series, “Im Angesicht De Verbrechenes” premiers at the “The Berlinale Festival”.

“Holly Rollers” in Sundance Festival

Attending the Sundance Festival where “Holly Rollers” (starring Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Bartha, Ari Greynor, Danny Abecasser and Q-Tip) is in the Grand Jury competition. Mark plays a hassidic fabric store owner, Mendel.

“Variety” magazine review on “Holy rollers”

January 26, 2010 – From the “Variety” magazine review on “Holy rollers”: …Sam (Jesse Eisenberg) is being set by his father Mendel (a fine Mark Ivanir) for a solid future… Click here for the review.

…”astonishing performance from Mark Ivanir”…

From “The Sundance Twentieth” review: …and let’s not forget the astonishing performance from Mark Ivanir, who plays Sam’s father, Mendel Gold. I won’t be surprised if we see more of him on the silver screen in the near future…Click here for the articlel.